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Chiropractic Treatment

A Multi-Modal Approach
Focused on You

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Chiropractic Medicine

Myofascial Release

Chinese Acupuncture



Cold Laser Therapy

Microcurrent Therapy

Nutrition and Diet Consulting

Custom Orthotics

Whether you are looking to mobilize a joint that just isn't moving the way it used to, or to lose weight and strengthen your muscles, we are here to meet your goals. While we are trained in classic physical therapy and rehabilitation, we emphasize the use of new techniques and technologies that are shown to provide clear health benefits and improvements. 

Using conservative treatment, Chiropractic medicine is used in order to correct for joint misalignment, as well as muscle and other soft tissue injuries. These safe and noninvasive techniques are able to relieve pain, restore range of motion, and bring you back to full health.

Looking at the newest literature relating to fascia and its role in the body, myofascial release means to aid in getting the body heal itself and ultimately help guide fascial releases and triggers. 

We offer traditional Chinese Acupuncture using what s known as the modern "Balance Method".

Acupuncture is used to manipulate the flow of energy meridians, which can be found throughout the entire body. Using the "Balance" method, channels that may not be in harmony with the others are manipulated using acupuncture needles. This may be used for aches and pains, or more systemic issues present as well, such as hormonal imbalances or infertility.

We offer DOT Commercial Driver's License medical exams.

Exams are by appointment only. 

If the following apply to you, please bring your glasses, hearing aids, and an up-to-date list of medications. 


DOT CDL Exams are by appointment only. 

Muscle tightness is a common issue, and stretching is among the best solutions to it. Muscle tightness can increase over time, without you even realizing it, or it can occur from exercising and not recovering properly afterwards. Stretching provides great benefits by increasing flexibility, range of motion, and increase body and muscle performance. All you need to do is lay back, relax, and let us do the rest. 

Some problems and conditions may lie down pretty deep. So to help with that, we'll incorporate the help of our cold laser therapy to get into the deeper layers of tissues. The process is brief, pain free, and completely non-invasive. Some benefits can range from decreased joint pain to treating facial acne and related conditions. 

Stemming from a new form of machine therapy, microcurrent therapy offers a relaxing form of healing that is pain free, and shows immediate benefits. Come in and try it out!

We offer nutrition and diet consulting, and promise to have you prepared for any dietary program and regimen. Nutrition consulting is by appointment only.

Spending so much time on your feet, we want to make sure that you're being supported properly. Taking less than 5 minutes, we offer to create orthotic pieces made just for you, and get rid of related pain and improve your gait and arch support in the process. 

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

That's no problem. If you have a question about a specific service or are looking for one in particular but can't find it here, please give us a call, and we'll be glad to consult you on it. 

Please note that certain services may be offered at certain locations. 

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